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EVX - Roadmaps to Ensure Ongoing Compliance

EVX is KCI's proprietary technology that automates the distributiEVX logoon of email reminders related to an organization's compliance and business-critical events and deadlines.

EVX represents a blend of our compliance support services and our information technology capabilities, and consists of two key elements:
  • EVX Services - Building Your Compliance Roadmap. This first part of our EVX service is our compliance calendar support service. In this important step we work with organizations to clearly understand and document all of the critical requirements of the permits, regulations, programs, and procedures that apply. By documenting the full range of requirements, we are able to help form an EVX-compatible "Compliance Calendar" to serve as a master roadmap to compliance.

  • EVX Technology - Helping Ensure Ongoing Compliance. EVX is KCI's proprietary technology that takes the compliance calendar to the next level, alerting your personnel in advance to upcoming deadlines. EVX makes the calendar 'come alive' by keeping in touch with your personnel, reminding them when obligations and requirements are coming due and providing direction about how to proceed (all according to your direction). EVX is a critical and powerful mechanism to help ensure ongoing compliance, minimizing the chance that deadlines and requirements will be overlooked.

Already have a 'compliance calendar' or list of key project deadlines? No problem. We can work with you to integrate your existing list into the EVX system.

To learn more about our EVX services, contact KCI.

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