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Other Services

KCI provides a range of additional services to help our clients better manage their environmental, sustainability and health & safety programs.:
  • Emerging Trends and Competitive Benchmarking. We have extensive experience monitoring and reporting competitive information, industry-related emerging trends, new/emerging regulatory requirements, and new global developments to keep clients current with the latest sustainability, environmental, social, and governance (or other) developments. Many of these projects are based on the unique data collection and analysis capabilities of our proprietary ePulse technology, supplemented by our subject matter expertise and analysis.

  • Compliance Support Services. We provide a broad range of compliance support services to clients, including such things as:
    • Submitting reports required by regulatory agencies;
    • Tracking Federal, state and local rules and regulations;
    • Researching regulatory questions and providing guidance;
    • Contacting regulators to clarify interpretations;
    • Critiquing programs, plans, and records required by regulations; and
    • Conducting training required by regulations.

  • Waste Vendor/TSDF Assessments. We perform many assessments of waste management practices and hazardous waste treatment storage and disposal (TSDF) facilities. These assessments, covering landfill, incinerator, and waste treatment operations, include assessments of following factors: facility design; capabilities; laboratory capabilities, equipment, and procedures; regulatory compliance history; and waste tracking and acceptance procedures. Our personnel formerly conducted these assessments as part of Arthur D. Little's SiteWATCH program.

  • Due Diligence Assessments. We have performed environmental due diligence assessments for a range of commercial clients. These investigations, which often support M&A actions, focus on the existing and potential environmental risks at the subject properties, including environmental compliance, potential for environmental contamination, historical land use, strength of existing programs and systems, etc.

To learn more about any of our other services, contact us.

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