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  Spreadsheet Import Module


For more information about SIM, contact us.

Note: Registered SIM users can obtain the latest software from the SIM download page

What is SIM?

The Spreadsheet Import Module (SIM) is a special module of ADL/Track that allows a spreadsheet to be used as a surrogate data entry tool. With SIM, data can be entered into an Excel or Lotus spreadsheet, which can automatically be imported into ADL/Track. SIM is an 'add-on' module that works with, but is independent from, ADL/Track.


  • Works with most major spreadsheet programs (e.g., Excel, Lotus).
  • Spreadsheet is easy to create and import
  • Template spreadsheet provided


  • Facilitates data entry into ADL/Track for those without the software
  • Saves the expense of software purchase and training by using known applications for data entry

How it Works

The best way to learn how SIM works is to review the SIM Instructions.

System Requirements

To use SIM, you must already have the ADL/Track software (Windows version). The system requirements for SIM are the same as those for ADL/Track for Windows.

Ordering / More Information

For more information or to order SIM, contact KCI.



  • SIM is a copyrighted software product of Krupp Consulting, Inc. (KCI).
  • SIM is not a 'new version' of ADL/Track and in no way affects the features or behavior of the ADL/Track software.
  • SIM technical support covers SIM software only.
  • ADL/Track is a commercial product of, and is copyrighted by, Arthur D. Little, Inc. For more information about ADL/Track, contact Arthur D. Little, or check Arthur D. Little's ADL/Track web page.


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