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  SpellCheck for ADL/Track

Note: Registered SpellCheck users can download the software from the SpellCheck Download page.

What is SpellCheck?

SpellCheck is a spell checking module for ADL/Track (tm), Arthur D. Little's audit and corrective action management software. SpellCheck allows ADL/Track users to check and correct the spelling of text in audits, findings, and tasks within ADL/Track. SpellCheck is an 'add-on' module that works with, but is independent from, ADL/Track.


  • Check spelling in all free-form text fields (other than drop-down boxes)
  • Check spelling without switching to a word processor
  • Automatic replacement or manual editing of misspelled words
  • Customizable dictionary
  • Suggests replacement words
  • Fast - spell check multiple records in seconds


  • Improves quality of reports by avoiding misspellings
  • Eliminates the hassle of worrying about spelling when writing text
  • Saves time by spell checking while working within ADL/Track

How it Works

Once installed, the SpellCheck software becomes accessible through a new menu option on the ADL/Track menu. When the option is selected, the first SpellCheck screen appears, allowing you to specify which data and fields should be checked. All 'free-form' (non-popup) text fields can be checked:

SpellCheck Screen 1

SpellCheck then begins checking the spelling, automatically moving from record to record (e.g., from finding to finding) as it goes.

When it comes across a word it doesn't recognize, the second SpellCheck screen appears, allowing you to correct the spelling:

SpellCheck Screen 2

As the screen above indicates, SpellCheck suggests replacement words and lets you automatically replace the incorrect word with the correct one (in the example above, double-clicking "laminate" in the list of replacements would automatically correct the word 'lamniate' in the sentence and allow SpellCheck to continue). You can also manually correct words, ignore words, and add new words to the dictionary.

System Requirements

To use SpellCheck, you must already have the ADL/Track software (Windows version). The system requirements for SpellCheck are the same as those for ADL/Track for Windows, except that SpellCheck requires an additional 2.8 megabytes of hard disk space.

Ordering / More Information

The price for SpellCheck is shown in the table below. To order SpellCheck, send a check or money order, payable to "Krupp Consulting, Inc.", to KCI's mailing address. We will then make the software available by internet download, email, or diskette.

 Product Price Includes
 SpellCheck v1.0 for ADL/Track  $ 60 / user  SpellCheck v1.0 software, 30-day free technical support (by KCI), 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee

For more information about SpellCheck or any other KCI products or services, please contact Larry Krupp.



  • SpellCheck is is a copyrighted software product of Krupp Consulting, Inc. (KCI).
  • SpellCheck is not a 'new version' of ADL/Track and in no way affects the features or behavior of the ADL/Track software.
  • SpellCheck technical support covers SpellCheck software only.
  • ADL/Track is a commercial product of, and is copyrighted by, Arthur D. Little, Inc. For more information about ADL/Track, contact Arthur D. Little, or check Arthur D. Little's ADL/Track web page.


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