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Classroom Training

KCI provides classroom training on a range of environmental, sustainability, and health & safety topics. Our training classes are usually tailored to meet specific client needs, incoporate client-specific examples, and address client-specific issues. In recent years we have provided training classes to clients on the following environmental, sustainability and health & safety subjects:
  • EMS and ISO 14001 Training. KCI has conducted many training classes on environmental management systems (EMSs) and the international EMS standard ISO 14001. This training provides an introduction in the the purpose, value, and components of typical EMSs, including a discussion of why such systems are of value to organizations.

  • Sustainability Training. KCI has conducted training classes in the principles of sustainability and helped organizations understand what sustainability is, how it differs from regulatory compliance, how to implement sustainability programs within their organization, how to set sustainability goals and targets, forming 'green teams', communicating sustainability, etc.

  • Audit Training. Our audit training course provides an overview of the audit process, covering all key aspects of audit program design, risk-based audit scheduling, subject matter scope, pre-audit activities, on site auditing skills and techniques, report writing, and post-audit followup.

  • Hazardous Materials, GHS and OSHA Hazard Communication Training. These training classes provide a grounding in the fundamentals of hazardous materials and an overview of the regulatory structure related to hazardous materials in the workplace. Key issues covered include where hazardous materials are typically found in the organization's workplace, chemical use and storage, labeling, and the maintenance and management of safety data sheets (SDS).

  • EPCRA Training. Our EPCRA training course provides an overview of the Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA). The course covers in detail all of the major sections of EPCRA, including particularly the requirements related to MSDS reporting, chemical inventory reporting (Tier II), Toxics Release Inventory, and emergency notification.

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