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  Web Tracker for ADL/Track

What is Web Tracker?

Web Tracker is a special module of ADL/Track that converts ADL/Track data into web pages that can be posted on a company's intranet (or the internet) for tracking. Web Tracker automatically converts ADL/Track data into browse-able web pages which can be viewed by any web browser. Web security techniques can be applied to the Web Tracker folder on the web server to limit access to the data, as necessary. Web Tracker is an 'add-on' module that works with, but is independent from, ADL/Track.


  • Generate hundreds of web pages automatically
  • Generates index web pages automatically
  • Allows information to be shared across the company by the intranet
  • ADL/Track data can be tracked and reviewed by anyone with a web browser


  • Facilitates distribution of ADL/Track data across the company
  • Saves time by generating hundreds of pages automatically
  • Enables user's without ADL/Track to view and track data

How it Works

Once installed, the Web Tracker software becomes accessible through a new menu option on the ADL/Track menu. When the option is selected, the Web Tracker screen appears. This screen allows you to control which data should be included on the web pages and to control certain aspects of the web page format:

[Screen Picture under Construction]

After selecting which data should be included (e.g., all tasks related to audit number 12), the [Generate] button is clicked. Web Tracker then collects all of the relevant tasks and produces web pages, including a single web page for each task, plus a range of different Table of Contents ('TOC') web pages. The TOC web pages, which are generated automatically, list the tasks in a variety of different ways and contain links to the underlying task-specific web pages. Examples of TOC pages that are automatically generated include:

  • tasks listed by due date
  • tasks listed by responsible department
  • tasks listed by person
  • tasks listed by category / subcategory

As it builds the pages, Web Tracker automatically copies the pages into a folder of your choice, located on your hard drive, a network folder, or even a web server folder. If the designated folder is located on other than the web server, the folder must be copied onto the web server.

System Requirements

To use Web Tracker, you must already have the ADL/Track software (Windows version). The system requirements for Web Tracker are the same as those for ADL/Track for Windows. Additional disk space must be available to store the web pages generated (this requirement is minimal; less than 1 mb total for most data).

Ordering / More Information

For more information or to order Web Tracker, contact KCI.



  • Web Tracker is a copyrighted software product of Krupp Consulting, Inc. (KCI).
  • Web Tracker is not a 'new version' of ADL/Track and in no way affects the features or behavior of the ADL/Track software.
  • Web Tracker technical support covers Web Tracker software only.
  • ADL/Track is a commercial product of, and is copyrighted by, Arthur D. Little, Inc. For more information about ADL/Track, contact Arthur D. Little, or check Arthur D. Little's ADL/Track web page.


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